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About the Toehold Switches

"Toehold Switches" are widely used in synthetic biology, cell engineering, basic research, therapy development, and other applications as a novel regulator of gene expression. "Toehold Switches" are single hairpin structures with the initiation codon (AUG) hidden in a bulge and the ribosome binding site (RBS) hidden in a loop. In the absence of the target RNA present, the Toehold Switch RNA in the loop-forming structure cannot be translated. When the target RNA is present, the hairpin structure is opened and the ribosome enters, translating the attached protein-coding RNA sequence into a protein.

Featured Services

Toehold Switch Design Service

We offer you a tailor-made design service for toehold switches.

Toehold Switch Optimization Service

We offer you the tried and tested service of optimizing toehold switches.

Toehold Switch Synthesis Service

We offer you the widely recognized synthesis service of toehold switches.

Toehold Switch Sensor Development Service

We provide you with development services for highly sensitive and specific toehold switch sensors.

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