Detection of Bacteroides fragilis Using Toehold Switches

Detection of Bacteroides fragilis Using Toehold Switches

Detection of Bacteroides fragilis Using Toehold Switches

Among the anaerobic flora colonized in the intestinal tract of humans and animals, Bacteroides is the dominant strain, accounting for about a quarter of the total intestinal flora. Bacteroides fragilis (B. fragilis) can help maintain the balance of the immune system in the human body and has been widely proven to be a probiotic in bioengineering, food, and other fields. When a part of the body is damaged, B. fragilis is prone to become an opportunistic pathogen, causing soft tissue infections, abdominal abscesses, and bacteremia. The detection and screening of toxin-free B. fragilis strains will hopefully serve as an alternative to antibiotics and lead to new treatment options for patients with intestinal and metabolic diseases. 

Conventional Testing Methods

Bacteroides fragilis can utilize dietary and host-derived polysaccharides as an energy source. Traditional detection methods use bile esculin (BBE) selective medium to culture and identify B. fragilis, but there is a problem of taking a long time. With the development of molecular biology research methods, the use of RT-qPCR technology to detect clinical samples can accurately detect B. fragilis, but the operation is complicated and requires professional technicians. B. fragilis can also be detected using Illumina sequencing technology, but it is expensive. The development of a rapid, accurate, and low-cost detection technology is of great significance to the research of B. fragilis.

Toehold Switches in Bacteroides fragilis Detection

Given toehold switches can accurately identify specific mRNA targets, it provides a new way to detect B. fragilis. Studies have demonstrated the feasibility of using toehold switches biotechnology in the detection of B. fragilis. CD BioSciences has established a technology platform based on toehold switches, which can provide diversified B. fragilis detection services to meet your different needs in scientific research.

The Development Services We Can Provide Based on Toehold Switches

CD BioSciences has developed a simple, sensitive toehold switches biotechnology platform that can detect mRNA in specific samples. In order to meet your needs for the detection of B. fragilis under the condition of scarce resources, we can provide you with the following development services of biosensors based on toehold switch for B. fragilis.

Our Testing Services Based on the Toehold Switches Platform

Bacteroides fragilis, as a probiotic with great development potential, can indirectly promote the metabolism of glucose in the human body, strengthen the function of the human immune system, and hopefully become a substitute for antibiotics. CD BioSciences relies on a professional toehold switches technology platform to provide B. fragilis detection service for personnel and scientific teams engaged in B. fragilis-related research.

Advantages of Toehold Switches in Bacteroides fragilis Detection

  • Bacteroides fragilis can be detected quickly, inexpensively, and accurately.
  • Screening tests are available for the probiotic B. fragilis and the toxin-producing B. fragilis.
  • The detection operation is simple and easy to understand and can be carried out in most environments.

CD BioSciences has a professional toehold switches biotechnology platform, which can provide high-quality toehold switches biotechnology services, and is a leader in the development of toehold switches services in the industry. If you are interested in our technology platform, please contact us immediately for professional technical support.


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