Detection of Bifidobacterium longum Using Toehold Switches

Detection of Bifidobacterium longum Using Toehold Switches

Detection of Bifidobacterium longum Using Toehold Switches

Bifidobacterium longum (B. longum) is a gram-positive bacillus that is morphologically divided into type I and type II. B. longum, as a beneficial microorganism in the human intestine, can act as a biological barrier to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the human body, resist the infection of pathogenic bacteria on the human body, and can also enhance immunity, anti-tumor, improve gastrointestinal function, and anti-aging, and many other important roles. In recent studies, B. longum are the drug of choice for the treatment of chronic diarrhea with significantly reduced clinical side effects and disease recurrence rates.

Conventional Testing Methods

Generally, it is necessary to separate and detect B. longum by MRS agar, but its culture process is complicated, and this method cannot be used to distinguish bacteria between species. DNA probe hybridization technology can also be used to detect B. longum, but the operation is complicated and the cost is high. The most commonly used detection method is PCR, but this method has disadvantages such as cross-reaction. Biosensors based on toehold switches technology can detect strains quickly, accurately, and at a low cost.

Toehold Switches in Bifidobacterium longum Detection

As the manipulation elements of biosynthesis, toehold switches can detect almost all RNA sequences, and have great scientific practicality and potential advantages. Studies have shown that toehold switches can detect the specific mRNA of B. longum, and this result can be further verified by RT-qPCR. At CD BioSciences, we rely on a strong toehold switches technology platform and an experienced R&D team to provide you with a comprehensive B. longum detection service based on toehold switches.

The Development Services We Can Provide Based on Toehold Switches

In order to enable rapid detection of B. longum in a resource-poor environment, CD BioSciences continues to improve its capabilities and expand its research fields, and we are committed to the research and development of biosensors based on toehold switches. We can provide sensor development services including but not limited to the following types for scholars engaged in biosensor research and development or B. longum-related research.

Our Testing Services Based on the Toehold Switches Platform

As an important probiotic, B. longum have the functions of promoting gastrointestinal absorption and digestion, biological barrier function, and regulating immunity, and are widely used in medicine and food. CD BioSciences relies on the professional toehold switches technology platform to provide comprehensive B. longum detection service for personnel and scientific teams engaged in B. longum-related research to save their energy.

Advantages of Toehold Switches in Bifidobacterium longum Detection

  • The test data can be analyzed easily and quickly.
  • B. longum can be detected efficiently and at a low cost.
  • Genetic circuits based on toehold switches make detection more accurate.

CD BioSciences has a quality toehold switches technology platform and is a professional provider of toehold switches related services, we provide one-stop solution development for B. longum assays. If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact us today for professional toehold switches technical support.


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